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Preschool & Elementary Lunch Procedures

Lunch is an enjoyable time for the students. Each teacher takes his/her class to the picnic tables located on the playground, weather permitting as determined by the teacher or administration. The country setting lends itself to a relaxing atmosphere. Students should bring their own nutritious lunch or purchase a preordered catered lunch from our hot lunch program. A monthly menu is prepared and distributed to the students. Sodas and candy are not permitted during lunch times. Fast food lunches are discouraged and should be limited to special occasions. If your son/daughter does not have a lunch, your child will call before lunchtime. If you are unable to bring the lunch, we will provide a peanut butter and jelly sandwich lunch for $3.00. Parents are welcome to join their child for lunch. Please obtain a visitor's pass from the office.

Elementary/Preschool Lunch Order Form

Middle School Lunch Procedures


Middle school students have the choice of bringing their own lunch or purchasing a lunch from the school on a daily basis. A $50.00 payment will open a lunch account in which daily lunches will be debited from the account. A credit balance must always be maintained to participate in the lunch program.


Around 10 o’clock each morning God has designed our bodies to need fuel to operate at the maximum potential. Students need to bring a nutritious snack to eat. They may also bring a small bottle of water to keep at their desk so they may drink as often as they need to.

Middle School Menu

Middle School lunch begins Monday, August 20th.  We may change items as needed according to the students interest.  Entrée items may be substituted and prices may vary according to availability. Menu suggestions may be put in writing and left in the office.  Pasta/Pizza must be pre-ordered on Wednesday.

Monday - (8) Chicken Nuggets $1.50 or Ham/Cheese or Pepperoni Hot Pocket $1.50

Tuesday - Steak Sandwich $2.50 or Hot Dog $1.50 or Chicken Sandwich $1.75

Wednesday –Nachos or Meat Burrito $3.00 or (3) Taquitos $1.50

Thursday - Breaded Chicken Breasts $2.00 or Pre-ordered pasta $3.00 or Pre-ordered pizza $2.00

Friday - Cheeseburger $1.75 or BBQ or Buffalo Wings 2.00

Side Salad .75 ( Available everyday)

Fresh Fruit 1.00 (Available everyday)

Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwich $1.00 (Available everyday)

(3) Mozzarella Sticks .75 (Available Thursdays)

Snacks and drinks are available everyday with the meal

Snacks: chips, pretzels, granola bars, cookies, cheese sticks, yogurt, carrot sticks w/ ranch dip .50

Water & Gatorade - $1.00

Sprite. Ginger Ale, Tea - .50 (Mondays and Fridays only)

Sunny Delight or Milk/Chocolate Milk - .75