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Dress Code Policy

Sunshine School Uniforms
9660 Sunset Drive
305-595-5200 (Closed on Monday)

Girl's Uniforms

• Red or Navy baby doll dress with plaid
• Plaid Dress w/ navy collar with logo patch
• Plaid Jumper with logo patch
• White Short Sleeve Polo
• Solid Black Shoes with Rubber Soles (No Lights)
• White Ankle Socks (socks must cover ankles)
• Navy Bike Shorts (to be worn under dress)
• White Long Sleeved Turtlenecks for Cooler Days
• White, Navy Blue or Red Tights for Cooler Days
• Solid Navy Zip-Up Jacket or Sweatshirt purchased at Sunshine Uniform

Boy's Uniforms

• Red Short or White Short Sleeve Polo Shirt (w/ logo patch)
• Navy and Red polo with stripped ribbon (w/logo patch)
• Red/Navy Rugby Short Sleeve Polo Shirt (w/ logo patch)
• Long Sleeved Uniform Shirt (w/ logo patch) Red or White
• Navy Blue Uniform Shorts (K2- K4)
• Navy Blue Long Pants (all students)
• Solid Black Shoes with Rubber Soles (No Lights)
• Navy Blue or black socks (socks must cover ankles)
• Solid Navy Zip-Up Jacket or Sweatshirt purchased at Sunshine Uniform

**  If weather drops to 45 degrees or cooler by 6:00 a.m., white or navy leggings or tights may be worn under uniform dress/culottes. No jeans please. Students may also bundle up in their winter coats over their Rainbow uniform jacket. Hats, scarfs, gloves etc. should not be worn. We keep our classrooms at a comfortable temperature and will not go outside if weather is too cold.    

Uniform Policy

Uniforms are worn Monday - Thursday. On Friday, students may wear their Children’s Rainbow Day School T-shirts. Girls wear navy blue uniform skort or skirt that can be purchased at the uniform store. Boys wear navy blue uniform shorts or pants. If the school T-shirt is not worn on Friday, regulation uniforms must be worn.

· Regulation uniform must be worn each day.
· Please plan ahead for cool days by purchasing a navy blue regulation jacket in advance.
· Shoes must be comfortable and safe for active play. (Solid Black or navy with Rubber Soles)
· Only stud earrings may be worn. For student safety the teacher will remove dangling or hoop earrings.
· Male students may not wear earrings.
· All students must have at least one full set of clothing in their cubby boxes in case of spills or bathroom accidents. All clothes should be labeled and in a Ziploc bag.


Traditional haircuts for boys are required. The hair should not come below the ears, eyebrows, or collar.
Braids or twists are not permitted to shorten hair length